The Culture of Jesus – It Matters

Culture. You hear this term a lot, especially lately. The culture of a country, a police department, a business, a church, a family, a sports team, etc.

I understand this term to mean the collective mindset, personality and approach of a particular group.

Here’s a great quote I found about church culture:

Culture is the most crucial component of the church. If a good steak is the vision, then the plate on which it is served is the culture. If the plate is dirty then the steak (vision) is devalued. From

Culture matters. Mindset matters. The approach a group takes to handling a problem matters. This is not just a buzz phrase found on the news cycle or in a business manual. Look in the Scripture to see how Jesus or Paul addressed the collective mindset of a congregation.

Culture matters to Jesus. Did the collective mindset and approach of a group matter to God? Look at Revelation 2-3. What was the general mindset in Ephesus? A lack of love. How about Laodicea? Arrogance, materialism and self-sufficiency. You can see how Paul spoke to churches at Corinth, Philippi and Thessalonica about the culture and personality of each congregation.

The mindset of an individual is important, but so is the group mindset. An individual can pile up good works, but lack love, so it profits nothing (1 Corinthians 13). A church can also pile up good works, like Ephesus, but not have the love as they should, and Jesus will not be among them (Revelation 2:5).

Culture matters to Jesus. How we think and approach things as a group is very important to Jesus.

Great article about how churches alienate introverts

Philippians 2:4 – Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.

Hey guys, today I am forwarding on an article that I found helpful about churches and introverts entitled, “10 Things in Your Church That Alienate Introverts.”

Sometimes we extroverts forget to consider that there are those in the church and those visiting who are introverts. How we greet them, how we single them out, how we handle Bible classes, and the way we design activities all can drive the introvert even further back into silence.

Jesus asks us to consider how we want to be treated and then treat people accordingly. That doesn’t mean that I want to be treated as an extrovert, so I treat everyone like an extrovert. That means I want people to see me and consider my personality and treat me accordingly, so I do the same for them.