I See This In Jesus

“I see this in Jesus, but do I see it in me?”  That’s a statement I read in a book recently.  It stuck with me.  I’ve been reading through the gospel of Luke this year and have learned a great deal about Jesus.  As His disciples, we are to follow in His footsteps.  I like to share some of the things I have seen in Jesus during my readings.  What I see in Jesus is what I need to see in myself.  It’s what we need to see in ourselves as His people.

    1. I see how Jesus relied upon God’s word when I read Luke 4:1-13.  As the devil tempted Jesus, He responded with “It is written.”  Jesus knew the word.  He believed it to be true.  But do we see this in ourselves?  God’s word is powerful.  We should trust it, believe it, and follow it.
    2. I see how Jesus focused on doing God’s work, Luke 4:42-44.  Jesus knew what His mission was and He would accomplish it, John 17:4-5.  I see an intense focus in the life of Jesus.  Do I see that in myself?  Do we see that in ourselves?
    3. I see how Jesus prepared His disciples to become fishers of men.  In Luke 5:10 it says, “And Jesus said to Simon, ‘Do not fear, from now on you will be catching men.”  During His ministry, Jesus prepared His disciples to proclaim the good news, Mark 16:15-16.  Making disciples is what Jesus wanted His apostles to do.  Nothing has changed.  As Christians, Jesus wants us to go and make disciples.  This was the mindset Jesus had.  Is this the mindset we have?
    4. I see how Jesus had compassion toward others.  In Luke 5:12-13, we see where Jesus healed a man who had leprosy.  If you know anything about leprosy, you know how terrible it was.  One who had leprosy would have been an outcast.  Jesus would change this man’s life.  Jesus has had great compassion for humanity by dying on the cross.  This is what I see in Jesus.  However, do I have great compassion and concern for others?   Do we see that in ourselves?
    5. I see how Jesus made time to pray, Luke 5:16.  I’ve only given you one example, but there are many when you go through Luke.  Jesus was busy but never so busy that He didn’t have time to pray.  This is what I see when I look at Jesus.  Do I see this in myself?  Do we see this in ourselves?